Clean & Lean by Eat Fit Food – 5-day Programme Review.

As you may all have read or seen last week on my Instagram and here on the blog, I announced that I’m now an Eat Fit Food Ambassador which I couldn’t be more excited about!

It not only means that I (of course!) get to eat a diversity of delicious, highly nutritious, organic meals that’s convenient when I’m busy with life and kicking goals, but it also means I get to align and front-face a brand and business that I’ve been working collaboratively with for many years and really gotten to know their core values, sustainable ethics and their dreams and visions for the Australian population of bringing more greens, veggies and sustainable produce into their homes to nurture their bodies and minds all the whilst helping with time management of cooking and cleaning – because there is none!

So last week I jumped on the Eat Fit Food train again and trialled out their 5 day CLEAN & LEAN programme to help my chaotic life at the moment, all the whilst I train a lot and try to build more muscle and recover quicker.

There’ll be a discount code for you all the way at the bottom so you can try this delicious programme for yourself, so don’t forget to scroll down.

A day on the Clean & Lean Programme


This program consists of breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks daily, delivered Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It sits at approximately 1400 calories per day, and 1800 for men – or if you train a lot, then go the 1800 cals. Whatever you feel works for YOU!

What are some of the benefits?

  • Effortless & healthy body weight maintenance or weight loss
  • Supports fitness, training & muscle building
  • Free of unhealthy fats, refined sugars & low-zero food chemicals & preservatives
  • Helps your body to absorb the nutrients from food more efficiently
  • Stimulates your metabolic rate
  • Increased energy to reach your health and fitness goals

So, I know you’re all wanting to know what you eat in a day of a ‘Clean & Lean’ programme, right?
Well, it’s a lot and it’s very YUMMY! I promise you won’t be starving or even hungry – trust me, I eat ALL the time and I had no problem being on this programme. If I can do it, you can do it!

Example Day:

Breakfast: Free range omelette with sautéed mushrooms, goats cheese & soy linseed toast

Snack: Eat Fit Food Cleanse Bar

Lunch: Lasagna with a side salad

Snack: Beetroot ‘Sandwich’ with goats cheese and rocket

Dinner: Trout with quinoa, roasted carrots and coconut creme

FullSizeRender.jpg-4 FullSizeRender.jpg-2 FullSizeRender.jpg-5 FullSizeRender.jpg-6 FullSizeRender.jpg-7 FullSizeRender.jpg-8 IMG_8314

Read to get started? Perfect!

And to make it a little easier, Eat Fit Food is of course offering my readers and followers a discount for the Clean & Lean Programme. See below.

I always tell people to try, just for a week, to note down how much money they spend on food – that’d be eating out, groceries, coffee, snacks, drinks – anything. And then try 5 days on Eat Fit Food at $300 where all meals are supplied and you drink water (as we all should!) with all meals and throughout the day – it actually saves you money – you’d be surprised! Ready for the challenge?


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