Benefits of ALKA POWER – Ionic Active Mineral Alkaline Water.

Have you ever heard of Alkaline before? If you’re interested in health, nutrition and supplements, or just live in The Eastern Suburbs in general (holla!), I’m sure you have heard the word ALKALINE before?

If not; let me tell you: ‘Alkaline’ basically means things on the other side of the ledger, at a pH above 7, are alkaline (also called “basic” as in acid-base).

The thought-system and research lies in that some dietists and nutrinoists, along with some Institutes around the world, are under the belief that if we keep our bodies in an Alkaline state (pH above 7), multiple health benefits will occur on a longterm basis.

This is where something as interesting as water like ALKA POWER comes in and can give you a helping hand. Not only because of it’s Alkaline Power (no pun intended!), but because it’s simply so important to 1) drink enough water and 2) drink water that’s been filtrated or cleansed before we consume it).


Alka Power was created by dedicated bio chemical Randy Park. Fascinated with our dependency for water and the role it plays in human health, Randy realised his true legacy was to produce the most perfect water possible.

The more he learned the more shocked he became by how the amount of acidic food and beverages people consume. This pattern of consuming high acidic substances is the culprit in causing a pH imbalance in the body. What we eat and drink can be easily classified along a scale from increasingly acidic to increasingly alkaline, and the foods that tend to be more alkaline are those usually linked to better long-term health, such as vegetables, fruits, and quality water. It also comes as no surprise that these foods contribute to less disease. Higher acidic foods, alcohol (in all its forms) and soft drinks contribute to oxidative stress in the body. Consumption of these foods and beverages weaken the body’s resolve and defences.

Want to get straight to the facts?

  • Alka Power is a high performance alkaline water
  • Alka Power has a stable pH9-10 with active ionic minerals – nearly 100 times more alkaline and more efficient in hydrating and absorption than any other, making it Australia’s highest pH alkaline water on the market
  • It is this powerful synergy between alkalinity and active ionic minerals that fuel ultimate hydration, balance and performance – making Alka Power the water choice for a number of Australian elite athletes and professionals
  • Alka Power is free from salt, sugar, preservatives and additives, making it the perfect pre-and post -workout beverage as it delivers a more efficient recovery between sessions by flushing out lactic acid. It’s ultra clean so the taste is crisp and pure, making it easy to consume.


Of course, I’m not saying you can simply just drink water, and all your health problems will disappear and you’ll live until you’re 120, but it’s about adding on small things each and every single day to your routine that in the end will add up a changed lifestyle in the very end – one where you can see and feel the difference.

Want to get your body more ALKALINE?

If you’re trying to go alkaline, you’ll need to know which foods help your body get to and stay in an alkaline state. The general idea is to eat foods without worrying about an acidic effect, although some are more alkaline than others. It’s not necessary to eat only alkaline foods in order to get the body’s pH levels to be alkaline, and a certain percentage of foods can and should be acidic, but you should try to choose natural whole foods, like fruits, vegetables and natural grains..

Here are 6 top Alkaline Foods to help you get into a more alkaline state:

1. Root vegetables

Due to the healing “yang” nature of these foods in traditional Chinese medicine, and their tendency to be more rich in minerals than many other vegetables, it may be safe to say that you can’t get enough of them. Look for radishes especially (black, red or white), as well as beets, carrots, turnips, horseradish and rutabaga. Ready to eat after steaming for just 15-20 minutes, root vegetables will help you feel both satiated and better grounded.

2. Cruciferous vegetables

These are the veggies we all know and love, made even more delicious with just a small amount of healthy, homemade sauce like pesto. Choose from broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and the like.

3. Leafy greens

These include kale, Swiss chard, turnip greens and spinach – of which spinach may in fact be the best pick. Known especially for its rich vitamin K and folate content, spinach is also packed with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fiber, helping to improve digestion and even vision.

4. Garlic

A true miracle food, garlic appears at the top of innumerable lists of foods that encourage overall health, and alkaline-forming food is no exception. Among its other benefits are its ability to promote cardiovascular and immune health by lowering blood pressure, cleansing the liver and fighting off disease.

5. Cayenne peppers (capsicum)

As part of a family of potent, tropical peppers which contain enzymes essential to endocrine function, cayenne is among the most alkalizing foods. It is known for its antibacterial properties and is a rich supply of vitamin A, making it a helpful agent in fighting off the harmful free radicals that lead to stress and illness.

6. Lemons

Lemons may be the most alkalizing food of all. As a natural disinfectant, it can heal wounds while also providing potent and immediate relief for hyperacidity and virus-related conditions, as well as coughs, colds, flu and heartburn. Lemon also works to energize the liver and promote detoxification.

and remember to drink your Alka Power Alkaline Water, too..


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  • Thank you so much for this great article. I have tried this water and can really taste the difference. The others that I previously drinking had a chalky after taste as I presume the very high amounts of bicarbonate. Also drinking these alkaline waters could bring on kidney stones due to this. It’s great that alkapower is so well priced

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