Why I have loved Bondi unconditionally for 7 years, and continue to do so..

Bondi or Bondi Beach.. If you live in the area, you’d know there’s a huge difference to both.. Just like South Bondi and North Bondi is very different and don’t fit under the same area. Some call it snobby, for others it’s just how it’s always been.

I have lived in Australia for almost 7 years.. And out of those 7 years, all have been spent living and breathing in the Bondi Bubble.. I’m not sure why I chose Bondi to begin with, as I could just as well have chosen Manly or the Northern Beaches? I was somehow drawn to the place, and I’d never even been in Bondi nor even Australia when I decided to rip up my entire life on the other side of the world and move to Australia with an open mind and 20kg of luggage.. That said; it was the best thing I ever did for myself, and I still feel that way after 7 years.

Bondi really has come to be my home and where I want to continue my life (for now, at least).. Why?

My days are complete, simply when I walk around in Bondi and I know everyone and everyone knows me.
My favourite barista knows my coffee & breakfast order, if I forget my wallet I’ll pay the next day, my yoga studio is like a family to me, Icebergs is my second home, my buffin is waiting for me every morning at The Organics, I have lost count over how MANY friends and contacts I meet every single morning and day as I run around, my chemist delivers my prescriptions to my door with a personal note & my newsagent has the Sunday paper folded up for me, ready to go…

As much as everyone, myself included, make fun of “The Bondi Bubble”, it is more than that to many of us that have been here for a while and have seen the community grow and become stronger.

Which is why I really loved when I was invited to stay at QT Bondi and try out their newest offering called ReBalance in Bondi;

The focus of the Rebalance in Bondi campaign is to tie your hotel-stay in with becoming healthier and more mindful; this means QT Bondi has teamed up with multiple businesses in the community of Bondi to offer you a 2-day pass at Powerliving Bondi for yoga, breakfast at Drake Eatery, unlimited training and swimming at Speedo Fitness Club which is located conveniently in the basement of the Pacific where QT Bondi is + numerous offerings at Face Plus Medi Spa if you wish to pamper yourself even further.

QT Bondi, as I mentioned, has teamed up with a number of restaurants & cafe’s around Bondi as they’re all about community – hence why I loved trying this out – and it’s actually incredible to see how much they support each other; it’s not about being better or greater than the other, but it’s about making sure everyone is doing well. Exactly how any society and community should work; lifting each other higher, always.

I loved staying at QT Bondi because it really doesn’t feel like a hotel; it feels like a home away from home. The interior, the comfiness and the attention to detail of kindness from the staff at the hotel all adds up. It’s quirky, it’s vibrant and it’s a great picture of how fun and renewing Bondi can be to your soul..

If you love Bondi as much as I do, a Staycation OR a get-away to QT Bondi is definitely on the cards..


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