Eating out vs. Eat Fit Food Delivery

The big debating-point that seems to be with meal delivery services is often the cost and whether it is, in actual fact, worth the money spent, but also whether it’s actually true that you can save money by being on a healthy eating plan.. Crazy, I know right?

Well, Eat Fit Food challenged me to try this out for myself, by testing the foodie-waters – literally!

I had to purchase every single meal, snack or drink out or on the go for an entire day – I wasn’t allowed to bring anything from home – to trial what it actually costs to live a life ‘on-the-go’ which my lifestyle is very much like.

I get up early in the morning around 5.30 or 6am to start my day with meditation. Then I get in my gym-gear and head to a training-class, the gym, yoga or for a long walk with a friend.. I very rarely come back home after I get up and get going in the morning..

My routine is then to continue to my local coffee-shop to start work & have my usual; long black with a dash of almond milk & stevia, along with avocado on gluten-free bread. After that I’ll grab a buffin (buckwheat muffin – GF, SF, DF, Vegan) for later. Plus, I’ll have a coffee more before I leave

Breakfast Cost:

Coffee x 2: $10.60
Avocado on gluten-free toast: $10.50
Buffin: $5.95

Total = $27.05

Then I head onwards to meetings and run around all over Sydney. If I don’t pack a lunch from home, I’ll end up having to stop somewhere to either sit down to eat, get some take-away or I’ll have a lunch-time meeting that involves food, because.. let’s kill two birds with one stone and multitask.

Lunch Cost:

Take-away Salad: $14.90
Sparkling Apple Juice: $2
Sparkling Water: $1.80

Total = $18.70

After lunch I normally try to head to the library to try and catch-up on all my emails and write articles for my blog, and when I write I like to snack (because, WHO doesn’t!).

I normally pick up some snacks from the local wholefoods shop and I’ll have my afternoon coffee, too.

Snack Cost:

Vegetable Chips: $8.90
Carob Buttons: $5.60
Coffee: $5.50

Total = $20

I do normally have dinner at home, as I’m tired after my long days, but tonight I’m going out to have a big catch-up with a good group of friends, that always take a lot of coordination to get everyone gathered.

As you probably know, when you’re a big group of friends together for dinner, everyone tends to get a bit food-happy and order way more than you can actually eat.. But, we like to live a little!

We all simply decide to split the bill between 8 of us.

Dinner Cost:

Pizza, Pasta & drinks: $52.60

Total = $52.60

So, a quick add-up of everything consumed in simply one day of eating out at every meal gives me a figure of: $118.35 – are you just as mortified as I am?!

It’s incredible how a small meal and snack here and there, just keeps adding to the already growing cost of your daily consumption of food.

So now we compare Eat Fit Food Healthy Eating Meal Delivery throughout the day:


An omelette with spinach and gluten-free toast (I added avocado)

Total cost: $13.50


Prawn Curry with Vegetables

Total cost: $21.50


Trout with pea-mash, asparagus, roasted cherry-tomatoes & spinach

Total Cost: $21.50


Cleanse Juice Pack (3 in one pack)
Cleanse Bar (pack of 12)

Total Cost: $7

So again, a quick calculation gives me the figure of… $63.50 for an entire day of meals! You don’t even lift a finger – only to hit the ‘warm’ button on the microwave.

These figures are absolutely correct, and I’m by no means altering the prices or what I spent in a day – this is the reality. Eating out is both expensive, and can also be very un-healthy for our bodies as we do not know what goes into the produce we are feeding our bodies with.

With Eat Fit Food you have a clear ingredients-list that are on every dish you eat. You can also be sure that the produce is fresh, healthy, developed alongside a nutritionist which means, most people who actually go on Eat Fit Food becomes not only healthier, but sometimes even loose weight if you’re trying to shift some stubborn kilo’s. Don’t forget to be active in your day though :)

I hope this helps you to see that a meal-delivery service like Eat Fit Food can often be far cheaper, even though the food is of premium standard, than eating out every day.

Caroline x

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