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A few weeks ago I was invited to try a Megaformer Pilates class at Physicore Sydney on Oxford St. in Woollahra.

The Megaformer Pilates class is one of Physicore’s signature classes which lasts about 50 (sweaty!) minutes.

Danica Howlett, who is a certified Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor and former national team athlete who has represented Australia in the sport of softball, took us through this megaformer class, explaining in detail how to execute the moves, which muscle-groups were used and how we could push our bodies further if we wished to do so. In general, whichever fitness level you’re on, Physicore’s dedicated trainers make you feel comfortable and pushes you to do your very best.

The classes are small and intimate – you won’t be scrambed into a class with 40 other people. Group sessions have a capacity of approximately 8-10 people which means the trainer’s can really focus on YOU and your goals.

The concept is developed by LA-based celibrity trainer, Sebastien Lagree, who wanted to focus on creating a new full body workout to strenghten the core, burn fat, build lean muscle mass, improve endurance and rev up your metabolism. Physicore emphasise slow, controlled movement for maximum muscle recruitment, with minimum rest between sets to keep the heart rate elevated. As you build lean muscle mass (combined with a healthy diet of course) through these classes you can expect to be burning calories and fat not only during the sessions but also in the hours afterwards – get ready for the shakes after the first few sessions :)

At the heart of Lagree Fitness is the Megafomer, designed and developed by Sebastien Lagree. Exclusive to Physicore in Sydney, the Megaformer is an advanced and redesigned twist on the traditional Pilates reformer bed (that you may already know if you’re an avid Pilates go’er.) that allows for a far greater range of compound movements, full range of motion and quick transition times between exercises in order to burn calories and build lean muscle, safely and effectively.

I really loved this class and would highly recommend trying this new concept out. Whether you’re an avid fitness enthusiast, yogi, mum or just starting to be physically active, you’ll benefit from this. Changing youe exercise routie up is so important as it keeps your body and muscles guessing.

Physicore Sydney have 2 locations; Mosman and Paddington with another new studio opening in Surry Hills very soon.

More information can be found on Physicore’s  website.

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