Q&A with Megan Douglas – Founder of World Organics

I had the pleasure to meet with Megan Douglas who is the founder of World Organics, a New Zealand Organic Skincare Brand, a few weeks ago for the launch of the World Organics into Australia and to try one of their facials & massages first-hand.

I had a very light facial as, unfortunately, my facial skin doesn’t stand or deal well with natural products – this doesn’t mean they’re bad, or effective, it actually means they’re purely too potent for my skin to handle as I have very sensitive skin that breaks out very easily.

However, I do enjoy using natural products on the rest of my body, and some can be used on my face with care.

I also really enjoy the range of organic make-up World Organics create. The foundations sit very well with my skin instead of camouflaging it which is a huge plus for me as I don’t like to wear a lot of makeup.

As the skincare-jungle is far and wide, and often hard to figure out, I sat down with Megan over protein-balls, strawberries and green juices and talked everything skincare and how you can find the way to the perfect system for yourself and your skin.

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Tell us about yourself? How did you end up becoming a naturopath and creating your own skincare range?

I grew up working in my grandmother’s health food store so I was surrounded by the smell of fresh and natural produce from a young age. I was always interested in health and wellbeing but there were no suitable courses to study at that time so I ended up moving to London to become a fashion designer! After seven years in London, I travelled to India and started creating organic T-shirts. Following three years in India, I returned home and realised there was so much toxicity in the world – causing problems such as chronic fatigue and auto-immune diseases. It was clear to me that it was more than just bad nutrition contributing to these illnesses. This fuelled my drive to go back to my family roots, complete a naturopathic and herbal degree and set up a clinic. I’m now the fifth generation of my family to harness the therapeutic benefits of natural herbal remedies. I’m a creative at heart and by using the skills that I acquired as a designer along with my interest in holistic health, I found a way to combine my two passions and from here, World Organics was born.

How does organic, natural skincare differ from other types of skincare?

“Natural” ingredients are derived, in whole or in part, from natural sources with no synthetic compounds but this doesn’t mean they’re organic. Certified “organic” ingredients are plants that are pure and cultivated without the use of synthetic chemicals, irradiation, or pesticides.
The process to create natural skincare products means using ingredients from the earth rather than synthetic chemicals created in a laboratory.

Why do you think it’s important to use a natural skincare line like World Organics?

It’s a naturopathic belief that we respond instinctively to natural, organic products best of all, meaning better absorption and increased wellbeing. Our bodies recognise natural ingredients and accept them more willingly than synthetic ingredients.
The skin is the body’s largest organ. It provides a direct filter to our bloodstream and internal organs. Effectively, whatever we put on our skin, we are putting inside us.
World Organic’s products are more than 99+% natural in their origin. Our core aim is to offer our customers products that not only smell and feel great, but are actually good for their wellbeing.
Thus, when we design our formulations, we always have in mind the therapeutic qualities of the ingredients we choose.

What is the Philosophy behind the brand?

We believe – first and foremost – that beauty is an expression of who we are: how we act; how we care for others; how we look after ourselves. Our products are designed to look after you.
Made with pure, potent, supercritical extracts and using only the finest natural ingredients, the World Organics products they are not only good for you, they can help you reveal your true beauty.
World Organics was established by building on treasured family insights and combines a holistic health and beauty philosophy, the company values of ‘transparency’ while also cultivating a ‘Trade for Aid’ style partnership with Indian Community Farms.
At World Organics we believe in ‘Farmacy’ and not ‘Pharmacy’ – our commitment to crafting organic skincare and makeup of the highest quality, delivers effective products that are good for your skin, our community of farmers in India (through our Trade for Aid program) and subsequently mother nature.

What is the ‘MUST HAVE” product from the World Organics range?

World Organics is made up of two brands – The Organic Skin Co. which is a premium makeup brand, featuring essential skin and body products and River Veda, which is a luxury rejuvenation and regeneration organic spa and skincare line.
From The Organic Skin Co. line our Luminous Liquid Foundation is packed full of organic antioxidants, cold pressed oils and supercritical extracts. It also acts therefore as a protective moisturizer as well as a foundation, nourishing the skin, whilst providing a flawless finish. Because foundations stay on all day, we believe it’s best to use one that’s free of chemical nasties and that is also nourishing at the same time.
From the River Veda line, the Replenish Wonder Serum is a rich, anti-aging organic serum, high in supercritical extracts and bioactives. It is designed to replenish and revitalise tired skin, whilst also firming, toning and lifting.

What is the ONE thing you wish people knew about natural skincare?

Natural skincare products should be tinted with the colours of the ingredients used and not be pristine white, as many supposedly natural products are. Therefore, beware of pristine white ‘natural’ skincare, there may not be many actives in there at all! Our Calendula Cream for example is a strong yellow colour, just like the Calendula flower itself. It’s yellow because we use the most potent and pure forms of the active organic ingredients available, i.e. the supercritical extracts of calendula and turmeric. We also use them in the quantity necessary to regenerate the skin with the therapeutic goodness of the plants.
World Organics is the global pioneer and home of these powerful ‘Supercritical Extracts’ – the next generation of organic skincare and makeup. This cutting-edge process harnesses the therapeutic properties of the whole plant and unlocks its maximum nutritional and therapeutic benefits. We use over twenty different supercritically extracted plants to deliver super-pure and super-potent organic herbal extracts, that are up to 200 times more concentrated 1 than extracts used in high-street beauty brands.

What’s the best daily skincare routine/steps you can suggest?

– Always remove makeup at the end of the day and cleanse every night.

– Use pH balanced skincare products so that you can maintain your natural skin flora.

– Know your skin type and use suitable products. Skin changes with age and in different environments, so it’s important to re-evaluate your regimes and adjust your skin routines when needed.

– The purity of your makeup is as important as the purity of our skincare. Many people enjoy using natural skincare, yet everyday apply 100’s of questionable chemicals via their makeup products. If you are using or interested in natural skincare, you may also benefit from changing your makeup to a natural brand as well. Natural makeup not only can look amazing on but can also nourish and protect your skin at the same time, making your skincare regime that much more easy.

– Take the time to treat and pamper your skin – smell, breathe and enjoy the products that you use, so that they bring you joy and happiness. Essential oils as used in true natural skincare have a wide range of effects on the mind, body and spirit and can definitely uplift the spirits.

What is the ONE thing you wish people would stop doing when it comes to skincare?

Ensure you’re educated and take the time to read the label of the products you’re using to learn what ingredients are included. Just because something is expensive, it doesn’t mean it will nourish your skin.
Also, beware of greenwashing. A product, which claims to be natural, might only contain 1% natural ingredients. You can protect yourself by looking for certification stamps.
World Organics products have been certified by BioGro, New Zealand’s leading certifier for organic produce and products.

How important is it to find out what your skin type is? Are there any products that ‘fits’ all types?

Skin isn’t static, so it’s important to take note of changes because there’s no such thing as a ‘one product fits all’ approach. Individual skin types can change due to external factors such as the climate and for internal reasons such as medications, hormonal changes, diet and stress. Throughout the year, keep an eye on the way your skin responds to different products – your skin type in the summer will not necessarily be the same as it is in winter and may well require different regimes.
In addition to the right skincare products, eating well, a good night’s sleep and keeping hydrated, will always serve you well.

What’s the best tip on how to treat a break-out if you suddenly wake up with a ‘new friend’ in the morning?

While keeping your skin clean is important, many people use harsh cleansers that can actually strip the skin of important hydration and leave it dull.
If you are prone to break outs, use a mild cleanser that has astringent properties as well, such as our Juniper Berry Face Wash and apply a little Calendula Cream which will have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Where do you see natural skincare at in 5 years time?

Society is more health conscious than ever. We’re seeking transparency from the food and beverage industry, shunning artificial ingredients and it doesn’t stop at what we’re eating. As consumers continue to educate themselves on the benefits of natural skincare and makeup, the demand for products with no unnecessary chemicals, parabens, additives or fillers continues to increase. In the next five years I believe we will see a revolution of people committed to the preference of natural and organic ingredients over chemicals that have never been tested for safety. This preference will be not only for the ingredients we put into our bodies but also for the ingredients we put onto our bodies, in the form of skincare, hair and makeup products.

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