How to avoid cracking your iPhone Screen with Belkin ScreenCare+

I’m a HUGE offender when it comes to breaking iPhone screens.. I mean, we’re not talking about breaking my iPhone screen once, twice or even three times – I must’ve cracked my screen about 7-8 times over the past few years, just recently when I was visiting home (Copenhagen) for Christmas during the holidays, where everything is closed.. and I do mean EVERYTHING!

So, if you know me, you’d know I’m massively dependant on my phone for everything I do. It use it to take numerous pictures throughout the day, update social media, manage my calendar & events, phone-calls, texts, paying with pay-pass when I’ve forgotten my purse.. You name it, I use my phone for it.. Which means, as you can imagine, I had a minor meltdown when I dropped my phone only to pick it back up and see the screen had shattered in a thousand pieces.

The worst part about cracking your screen (apart from the huge cost associated with getting repaired) is, to me, that I always break it doing silly things; like just being plain clumsy, not paying attention and tripping over my feet, or putting it in a space where I’ll knock it off a desk or surface. I mean, I would generally feel better about a cracked screen if something bad happened to it, like being run over by a car (sorry phone!).

Well, I’ve got all of that sorted now, and I can tell you I’m now a recovering iPhone-cracked-screen offender thanks to Belkin and their Belkin ScreenCare+ protector!

InvisiGlass is real flexible glass that has been engineered with FluidFlex technology to give it a unique elasticity. This flexibility allows it to absorb the shock of impact without breaking, while protecting the glass screen beneath. Despite this added strength, the characteristics of glass remain to ensure it retains the smooth feel and glide of a naked screen.

It’s so easy. You just go to any Apple Store and ask to get the Belkin ScreenCare+ applied to your iPhone and it’s only around the $40 mark.

A LOT cheaper than fixing a cracked screen, that’s for sure!

Now, to show you how I could picture myself cracking my screen (and have done so before!), see the below video I did with my iPhone 6S WITHOUT it cracking. YAY! (And yes I did in-fact drop it – multiple times!)

Protect your iPhone screen. Have ScreenCare+ expertly applied only at Apple Stores. Learn more: #PeopleInspiredProducts

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