Airline Review: Cathay Pacific Business Class

In december last year I decided that I deeply needed to see and be surrounded by my family for a Christmas. Since I moved to Australia in 2010 I haven’t had a christmas at home. My older sister now have two kids, which are my absolute stars of my life, and so spending a Christmas with them and my family was so important to me.

Fast forward, and I was lucky enough to be flying home in style & comfort on business class with Cathay Pacific 

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Now, most of us will go through life never flying business class, because a) it’s a tad pricey and b) you’d rather save the money for something else or c) it’s just simply out of your price-range to even be considering such a luxury.

However, let me introduce you to Cathay’s Business Class – (I think!) a much more affordable alternative compared to other airlines if you do wish to fly comfortably around the world whilst still keeping money in the bank for pleasure when you arrive at your end destination. But don’t think you’re cutting down on the luxurious bit of it because of the better price – because you will still get the same rock-star treatment here!

One of my absolute FAVOURITE things about Cathay Pacific is the layover in Hong Kong. As Cathay’s main airport is Hong Kong they have not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 5 different lounges in the airport for business class travelling passengers and we are talking about high-end luxury lounges that are serviced 24/7 and meets all your needs. Whether it’s relaxing and reading, having a invigorating shower or enjoying a chef-made ramen soup (among other cuisines), these lounges will meet your needs in each & every way.

Now, back to my flights – I flew Sydney – Hong Kong – Dusseldorf and then of course return a few weeks later. This was my first time flying Cathay Pacific and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have flown business with a few other airlines like Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia, Qantas and Delta Airlines, so it’s always nice to compare however I certainly wasn’t disappointed with my flights with Cathay Pacific – I mean, if you also just feel a bit grateful for being able to fly Business Class and appreciate life, you will be more comfortable than flying on a cloud.

The staff on my flights were all incredibly welcoming, and catered to my needs whether it was just a bottle of water, a cup of tea or a noodle soup at 5am in the morning when everyone else were asleep but I was up and hungry. One of the staff members even went to the extent of switching my seat to a more comfortable window-row instead of an aisle seat which I was really pleased with.

What I like about the food is that when it’s time to eat, the staff will roll out all the 3 main hot dishes for you to pick from, so you can see what you’d actually like – only downside is if you sit at the backend of the business class, sometimes your 1st choice could already have been snapped up by the rest of the people on the flight, which mine was at one point, but I enjoyed expanding my horizon and digged into something (I’m sure) equally as nice as my 1st choice. And if you’re very particular with your food choices, you can pre-book your meals if you’re a vegetarian/vegan/kosher/low-fat-high-fat you name it, Cathay Pacific seems to have it!

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Also on Business Class you get given a cute little pouch with travel-sized Jurlique  products to keep your skin hydrated, vibrant and moist during your flights – you also have full-size Jurlique products in the bathrooms in the business class cabin which I enjoyed refreshing myself with as my skin is certainly not a fan of flying.

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But what really is the absolute best bit about flying business class is that you are able to sleep. Sleep on a fully flat-lie bed with delicious cushions and a doona to keep you warm and toasty. Even from my short height (160cm) I have probably another 40-60cm of space at the end of my feet, and I can comfortably sleep in my favourite position: fetal-position. End result? You walk off the plane feeling almost as if you’ve slept in your own bed and can continue your day without en extreme case of dreaded jet-lag.
If I had to change anything it would be to cushion the seat a little bit more for further comfort and ease.

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All in all: I very much enjoyed my trip with Cathay Pacific and I certainly will be flying them again. The staff really does make all the difference, and they all made my christmas trip home to my amazing family so much for special.

For more information about where Cathay Pacific flies to in the world visit their website.


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